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What is YouShine?

YouShine Events & Consulting partners with local community based organizations to curate unique experiences for local entrepreneurs, to build community and connect with new and existing customers. 

Why the name? It's YOU that make things SHINE. That's what makes us different, we don't dictate how people's events should run, we collaborate to help their ideas SHINE.


We firmly believe the best way to build bridges is to bring 100% of your authentic self to the table, everyone deserves a seat.  Community organizations provide the space, and we bring the people.

Meet Najeema Iman,
The people collector and connector


Who is Najeema Iman?

Gathering people has been a passion of Najeema for years. From Karaoke nights to brunches, Youshine came out of a progression of passion. In March of 2021 Najeema graduated from Lansing Economic Area Partnership  "One and all Program”. In April of 2021 Najeema started Youshine Events and Consulting LLC. 


Najeema co-founded the organization Black Lansing LLC with Lorin Cumberbatch February 2022 which features 2300+  black entrepreneurs and Lansing community members. She also acted as the primary Event Coordinator for the Block Market, where she helped organize 6 minority focused socially responsible pop-up markets in Downtown Lansing. She is the founder of the Afterglow Market a 10-week night market program started in 2021 featuring live music, food and local artisans. 

She is your people collector and connector. 

Previous partners include

previous partners & collaborations include

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